Digital camera Cameras that don’t use film to record photographs. Light is picked up by sensors and the resultant image stored on a solid state memory in the camera.
Digital data Discrete data (such as 0s and 1s).
Digital to analogue converter A device used to convert digital signals into analogue signals (so the computer can control another device such as a pump, motor, etc.).
Disk operating system Type of operating system developed for PCs in the 1980s.
Dongle A form of memory stick used as a security device when using software, in order to reduce the risk of software piracy.
Download To transfer a file from a central computer/server/internet to the user’s computer/
DVD-R Optical storage device that can be recorded on only once.
DVD-RAM Optical storage device that uses concentric tracks (rather than single spiral as used with normal CD and DVD) to record data. It can be written to and read from many times.
DVD-RW Optical storage device that can be recorded on more than once, i.e. can be rewritten.