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AS Information Technology 9626

Notes Theory IT 9626 AS level

2.3 Databases

database,primary key,search criteria

2.2 Programming

Programming concepts,data structure,arrays

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What students say

Salam sir! Sir i was just talking to a friend about how I ended up doing computer science in Turkey and I really thought about it afterwards. And the only person I could think of ,who set me on this path, was you, you really garnered my interest in the subject, I never really thought of pursuing it before A levels. And for this I want to thank you, the interest you gave me has been used right, I have developed a platform for a multinational company, published on android play store and developed numerous games using the unity engine just because of your efforts in the start. And for this I want to thankyou Sir Mushtaq!
Balaj Saleem(Bilkent univerisy,Turkey)
A Levels roots millennium

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