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About Me

Muhammad Mushtaq

 About me

My name is Muhammad Mushtaq,and i teach O/A Level computer science and ICT in the following schools.

  1. Lahore Grammar School,Islamabad.(LGS)       lgs
  2. Global system of Integrated Studies.(GSIS)     gsis-logo
  3. Super Nova School,Islamabad.            sns

Something about this website

This website contains the notes,assignments,tests,videos and other useful resources to help students and teachers.

Your feedback is important

Your feedback about this website and its resources,is extremely important.I will always try to provide you high quality service.If u have any suggestion,please don’t hesitate to write me.

Private coaching classes

Private coaching classes have been started at the following address

Address: Street # 76,House # 672, I-8/3,Islamabad